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Terracotta Thumb Pot Waterer

With Multibuys From: £18.99

Traditional Flowerpots With Saucers

13.2cm diameter x 11.7cm high (approx 5¼in x 4½in). - Pack of 10 (with 11cm saucer)

8cm diameter x 7cm high (approx 3¼' x 2¾') - Pack of 10 (with 9cm saucer)

With Multibuys From: £19.99

Glazed & Unglazed Herb Pots

(Comes With Terracotta Square Saucers)

- 10cm high x 10cm wide

Temporarily out of stock - Making more soon

Terracotta Long Tom Flower Pots (without saucers)

9cm diameter x 11cm high (approx 3½in x 4¼in). - Pack of 5 & 10


Long Tom Flower Pots with Saucers

9cm diameter x 11cm high (approx 3½in x 4¼in) with 9cm diameter saucers - Packs of 10

With Multibuys From: £23.99

Flower Pot Waterer - Small

Irrigation pot for smaller flower pots & containers

Half Flower Pot | 13cm x 7.5cm

Pack of 10 - 13cm diameter x 7.5cm high (approx 5in x 3in).


Wall Pot Waterer - Medium

Irrigation pot for wall planters & containers