Glazed & Unglazed Garlic Bakers

Choose from Natural Terracotta or Glazed Apple Green, Turquoise, Mushroom or Oyster.

If you want different coloured sets, then add each colour separately to your shopping basket.

  • Our terracotta garlic bakers (or garlic roasters) are ideal for roasting garlic at home in your oven.
  • Roasting garlic brings out its delicious, nutty & sweet flavours, which also allows it to be easily spreadable on crusty homemade bread, served with roast meats or mashed with root vegetables.
  • Comes with full cooking instructions, but basically garlic needs to be drizzled with oil & then roasted @ 170 degrees Celsius for about an hour, after which your garlic will pop out when squeezed!
  • Available in Natural Terracotta and in the following glazed colours: Apple Green, Turquoise, Mushroom & Oyster.
  • Product Dimensions: Width/Diameter: 12cm, Height: 14cm
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