Glazed Round Utensil Holder


Choose from Glazed Apple Green, Turquoise, Mushroom or Oyster.

If you want different coloured products, then add each colour separately to your shopping basket.

  • Our utensil holder pots are practical, sturdy & available in a variety of glazed finishes to suit any kitchen.
  • A terracotta utensil holder is an ideal container for neatly storing your kitchen utensils, keeping them conveniently to hand.
  • Made to a generous weight for added stability to ensure the utensil pot will not easily topple over no matter how full you try to fill them!
  • Made in the UK at our pottery studio in Nottinghamshire.
  • Available in natural terracotta & a range of coloured glaze finishes.
  • Product Dimensions: Width/Diameter: 13cm, Height: 20cm
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  • If you require different sizes, then add individually to your shopping basket 
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