Standard Glazed Hexagonal Wine Coolers

Choose from Glazed Apple Green, Turquoise, Mushroom or Oyster.

If you want different coloured products, then add each colour separately to your shopping basket.

Chooose to add an extra unglazed or inner clear-glazed, Round or Hexagonal Saucer.

  • Our Terracotta wine coolers after being soaked in water will bring down the temperature of wine by natural evaporation through the terracotta pores...
  • They will also aid in maintaining the temperature of pre-chilled wine from your fridge at table.
  • Our terracotta wine coolers are available in natural terracotta or in the following colours apple-green,  turquoise. mushroom & oyster glazes.
  • They are also multipurpose as they can also be used as kitchen-tidy, utensil jars!
  • And, why not add an optional matching round or hexagonal (& with either unglazed or clear-glazed) saucer which will keep your table free from any liquid marks from the natural condensation of the wine cooler? 
  • Available in Round Shaped or in two Hexagonal sizes, standard & extra large (which can accommodate Champagne bottles).
  • Product Dimensions: Width/Diameter: 14cm, Height: 21cm