Tandoori Pot | Oven

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    • Based on ancient principles of cooking in earthenware containers over a fire, this terracotta Tandoori Pot has been designed for use in conventional ovens - A clay oven within an oven. 
    • This terracotta tandoori pot will create the effects of a traditional Indian tandoor within your oven, cooking the food naturally in its own juices with more of the nutrients retained.
    • The tandoori pot will create steamy moist conditions, basting the food in its own juices & allowing the spices to infuse during cooking resulting in food which is succulent & full of flavour.  
    • Terracotta clay pots are simple to use, easy to clean and the food cooked in them tastes truly delightful! Furthermore the food is cooked naturally in its own juices, with no extra fats added, which is definitely a healthy bonus.
    • Interior glazed for ease of cleaning.
    • All tandoori pots come with operating instructions.
    • CLICK HERE for instructions & recipe ideas...
  • Product Dimensions: Width/Diameter: 21.5cm, Length: 29cm, Height: 21cm
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